our plastics free eco packaging system

new for 2019! better for the environment, cost neutral, better presentation
win, win, win!

the problem

using millions of poly bags and vast amounts of plastic packaging every year in the badge industry simply to protect badges in transit then all ending up in landfill.

the challenge

to develop a bespoke packaging system using only materials that are plastic free and easily recycled by anyone.

the solutioin

our new, exclusive range of recycled card & paper based packaging. Plastic free badge carriers, plastic free packing materials, even plastic free packing tape.

our plastics free eco packaging system

We researched so called eco plastic alternatives, some of whose environmental claims were fundamentally flawed and potentially actually worse for wildlife, and chose card as it is the only packing material any company can easily recycle and by using recycled card we can minimize the environmental impact even further. We’ve also been able to do all this at no additional cost to you and our new solutions also look great, so much better than a jumble of poly bags in a box

the top benefits

  • completely plastic free & sustainable
  • made from recycled card with printed care & safety information for your badges
  • 100% easily recyclable in any office
  • carefully designed to improve the presentation of our products
  • improvements for everyone at no additional cost
  • increases overall customer satisfaction

make sure you only order British made badges with easily recyclable plastic free packaging and we can all do that bit more to protect the world we live in.

For more information visit ecopacksolutions.co.uk